Committees & Missions

Parish Advisory Council Members ~ Sue Christofferson, Samuel Fonder, Wayde Fraasch, Karen Holscher, Diana Snaza, Greg Thomas, Dan Thyne & Mike Trapp

"Our mission is to organize, coordinate, evaluate, unify, and support activities within the faith family of St. Lawrence, ensuring the extension of Christ's mission. The Council shall be an authentic representative voice of the St. Lawrence faith family with the opportunity to participate in the apostolic effort of bringing unity to the mission of the Church through encouraging, guiding and directing parish life."

Finance Committee ~ Ann Gapp, Daryl Halvorson, Dan Loehrer, Mark Pillatzki & Mark Van Lith

"Our mission is to monitor and review the financial condition of the parish; provide financial guidance on issues of the temporal goods; development and maintain perpetual funds; and advise on the future needs of the parish to the Pastor."

School Advisory Committee ~ Ted Hendricks, Chris Kelly, Rondi Scoular, Jason Street, Dena Van Lith & Scott Wiese

"Our mission as a consultant body is to advise and support the pastor and the principal in the governance of the educational programs at St. Lawrence School; to be an authentic representative voice of the students, families and alumni of St. Lawrence Parish and School; and advise on the current and future needs of the students, families and faculty of St. Lawrence School."

Liturgy Committee ~ Loretta Cantine, Diane Greiner, Darby Helms, Mary Munson, Loran Radermacher, Karen Schreurs, Colette Styer & Sandy Tucholke

"Our mission is to enhance the public worship of the Church, especially of the Eucharist and sacraments through the environment, evaluation and innovation of the liturgical celebrations of St. Lawrence."

Buildings and Grounds Advisory Committee ~ Rick Hermans, David Hicks, Stu Schreurs, Mike Trapp & Tracy Upton

"Our mission as stewards of St. Lawrence faith family is to advise, recommend and utilize the resources and facilities of our faith community to the best of our ability to provide a warm, welcoming, inviting environment for the families and visitors of St. Lawrence Parish."